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Standard 19" Rack Flight Cases

Standard 19" Rack Case

The standard 19” rack case from Dragon Cases is suitable for a huge variety of purposes. We have been supplying rack cases to the audio visual, computer and film industries for many years, and our clients are always more than satisfied with the cases we provide.

A normal 19’’ rack flight case has a depth of 450mm. Rack rails are fixed directly to the inside of the front and rear of the case at approximately 20mm off the front edge, allowing space for optional R0855K rack shelf supports.

Please note: the Standard 19” Rack Flight Case does not include any protective foam or shock suspension. See our Foam Suspended Rack Cases page if you would like a more protective case.

Standard Designs

As detailed in our price list (see below), our 19” rack cases are available in any unit height from 2 to 24. Cases of unit height 10 and over include swivel castors with 100mm blue resilex wheels (2 braked). These are mounted on 18mm Birch Ply wheelie boards. Castors can be mounted on the rear of the rack case at an extra cost of £50.00 to cover the cost of extra handles.

Top loading (Mixer Rack) cases can be supplied at an extra cost of £97.00 per case. All rack flight cases come supplied with 2 sets of fixings for every unit size (i.e. 12 screws, 12 cup washers and 12 clip nuts for a 6 unit case). Your rack case will come with both front and rear removable doors as standard.

These standard design flight cases are manufactured in compliance with the Air Transport Association ATA-300 regulations and the Electronic Industries Association EIA-310-D standard.


Extra fixings for 19’’ rack cases are available if required.

See our rack accessories page for a range of optional extras that can be fitted to your 19” rack case, including panels, drawers, trays and more.

Silk screen printing of an image or company logo is available if required.

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Accurate CAD Designs

Our flight cases are carefully and accurately designed using specially adapted 2D and 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs.

Custom Interiors

The flight case interiors of our products can be customised to accommodate the contents they are carrying and assist with shock absorbing.


All flight case designs are sent to you to be fully approved before commencing production.

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Why Choose Dragon Cases?

Custom Design

Our flight cases are designed in-house and all are manufactured to your exact specifications.

Made in the UK

All of our bespoke flight cases are manufactured here in the UK

We are Certified

Dragon Cases has been accreditted BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certification for the supply of custom flight cases.

Price Listing

(select Ref to view cad drawing)

Ref Unit Height Black Hexaboard Coloured Laminate
F192USTD  2 £298.00 £328.00
F193USTD 3 £307.00 £337.00
F194USTD 4 £336.00 £370.00
F196USTD 6 £374.00 £411.00
F198USTD 8 £398.00 £438.00
F1910USTD 10 £479.00 £527.00
F1912USTD 12 £498.00 £548.00
F1914USTD 14 £596.00 £656.00
F1916USTD 16 £619.00 £680.00
F1918USTD 18 £634.00 £697.00
F1920USTD 20 £654.00 £720.00
F1922USTD 22 £672.00 £739.00
F1924USTD 24 £695.00 £765.00


May 2022


Prices are based on our standard designs and are exclusive of delivery and VAT.

Sizes higher than 24u are available on request.