Dragon Cases' Gower Office

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Last week I was working on flight cases, Poly Transit Cases and Padded Bags from the Gower office in Swansea.

It is understand why Gower has long been designated an area of outstanding natural beauty. Indeed, it is hard to travel very far throughout the peninsula without stumbling on similar scenes of breathtaking beauty.

Gower can effectively be divided into three main sections. Firstly the precipitous south coast characterised by Limestone crags, especially at the western end toward Worms Head. Secondly, the central plateau of Cefn Bryn rising to around 500ft – this is an area of rugged moorland, ancient stone cairns and panoramic views, which on clear days, extend to Pembrokeshire and Devon as well as the whole Gower. Finally, the quieter north coast, fringed with marshes and mud flaps where wild horses, sheep and cattle graze among the many inlets and sand dunes that meander into the landscape from the Lougher Estuary.

The name ‘Gower’ is thought to be a derivative of the term ‘Meini Gwyr’, meaning ‘Land of the stone men’. Indeed, many parts of the North Gower are notable for standing stones, the most well known being Arthur’s stone on Cefyn Bryn. However, it is now widely accepted that Gwyr is of early descriptive origin, and probably refers to the shape of the Gower peninsula itself. Incidentally, the area is often mistakenly referred to as ‘The Gower’ whereas the correct name is simply ‘Gower’

West of Mumbles, another place of beauty, the limestone cliffs are punctuated at regular intervals by the wide sandy bays for which Gower is famed, such as Langland, Caswell, Oxwich, Three Cliffs, Mewslade and finally as the coastline veers north, Rhissili, which faces the open Atlantic. After rounding the promontory of Burry Holms, the sand dunes of Whiteford Burrows which is close to where the Dragon Cases Gower office is located and the Llanrhidian Marsh contrast completely with the drama of the cliffs to the south. The whole of North Gower is a haven for birdwatchers and naturalists alike.



Brad J. Bradshaw

Our custom built flight cases are manufactured from top grade 6mm, 9mm or 12mm birch plywood which can either be coated with Phenolic GRP resin laminated with Thermo Plastic or an HP laminate. All edges are covered with angle protectors fixed with nickle plated machine driven steel rivets. Heavy duty recessed butterfly catches and handles are fitted together with zinc plated steel ball corners. Lids can be either hinged or lift off depending on individual requirements. Heavy duty castors can be fitted to aid manoeuvrability, 2 of which are normally braked.The interior can then be foam lined or padded with various types and thickneses of foam to secure and protect the contents.


Here at Dragon Cases we offer a friendly and efficient service helping you to get the case that you require. If you require a quote, please fill in our online form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


Here at Dragon Cases we have been busy this week designing a new range of Lightweight shockmounted 19 inch rack flight cases. These will feature a new lightweight steel subframe which will be manufactured by Penn Elcom suspended with 8 rubber anti-vibration mounts fitted in to an Astraboard flight case.


These will be manufactured to order in heights of 2 unit, 4 unit, 6 unit and 8 unit in 350mm, 450mm, 510mm and 550mm depths. Available colours will be red, blue, black and silver grey.

We have been asked many times over the years if we are able to build lighter rack cases, but have been unable to do this until now.

While still offering our standard heavier weight Shock mounted rack flight caseFoam Suspended rack flight case and Standard rack flight case, the new design will be a lighter weight alternative.


If you would like a quote on these, please fill in our quote request page and we will get back to you with a price.

This weekend sees the legendary Glastonbury Festival. Smile

There will be many of Dragon Cases' products to be seen scattered around the site. Be it custom flight cases, padded bags or poly cases, the many bands, production companies and catering companies that have used our services over the years will make good use of our cases during this time. In particular, our 19 inch shock mounted rack flight cases will take pride on  the different stages holding the various equipment which contributes to the running of the concerts.


While the laminate faced birch plywood or Astraboard that makes up our cases is pivotal, it’s the choice of flight case hardware that’ll please you most. We have been players in this industry for over 30 years now, and over that time we have become as proficient in flight case hardware as we have with the cases themselves.

This history, pedigree, and expertise means we can offer a range of hardware that will cater to you and your transportation needs. As you know, we’re all about customisation, and this doesn’t just cover flight cases but the components that make them up also. Why ‘make do’ and jeopardise the safe transit of your equipment by carrying them in inadequate cases? With Dragon Cases, we can customise your flight case hardware to ensure your valuables receive that extra bit of security – which should help you better at night, no?

We also stock a broad selection of accessories from panels and rack trays, to rack clamps and fixings, all of which contribute to a unique level of personalisation, as well as offering you the opportunity to pick up spares should there be any mishaps, losses, or breakages.

For a lot of you, your equipment is your life, and so it makes sense that you go to whatever lengths necessary to ensure its safety. Our premium quality, customised flight cases provide the best refuge for your expensive equipment, and our hardware ensures your cases fulfil their full potential.