Tool flight case with foam interior

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If you're a professional tradesperson, you've probably got quite a collection of tools. From basic everyday tools like screwdrivers and pliers to more specialised items such as pipe cutters (if you're a plumber) and moisture meters (if you work with wooden flooring). Only you know the tools that are essential to your job, but we bet you carry quite a few of them.

And that's where we can help. The experts here at Dragon Cases can manufacture a bespoke tool flight case in which you can keep all of your bits and pieces. We use extremely sturdy materials, so your tools will be safe and sound at all times; we can even include a foam insert with profiles that are specifically shaped to hold your items.

Why use a tool flight case from Dragon Cases?

  • Easily transportable
  • Better protection for delicate tools
  • Laser-cut foam insert keeps everything in its proper place (making it easy to find the smaller tools in your case)
  • Looks far more professional than a standard toolbox
  • Made to your exact specifications
  • Customisable options - request a carrying handle, wheels, and more
  • Choice of colours
  • Option to print your company logo on the case

We've created flight cases for all kinds of purposes, and no matter which tools you use in your work, we'd be happy to hear from you. Download the Dragon Cases brochure for more information, or click here to request a free, no-obligation quote.

Dragon Cases on Pinterest

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The Dragon Cases website is packed with interesting images of the cases we create, and so we decided to join Pinterest and show those pictures off!

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We'll be adding more boards and photos in the weeks to come, but here's what we've already got:

Red cases with lids up

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Blue and yellow transit case

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Padded blue bag

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Flight case accessory

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Oh, and if you're impressed by what you see on our new Pinterest page, why not get in touch to find out what we can create for you?

We’ve manufactured many, many instrument cases over the years – imagine all the guitars that would have been broken were it not for Dragon Cases!

Still, if you do break your musical instrument, there’s no need to throw it away. Upcycling is a bit of a craze right now, and people have used their broken instruments in all kinds of clever, inventive ways. Take a look at these amazing examples:

Ukulele with plants


This stringless ukuklele has been given a second life as a kind of wall-mounted plant pot. How sweet!

Trumpet iPod speaker


We particularly like this one (and not just because that iPod is playing Neil Young!) Some clever person has repurposed an old trumpet to function as an iPod speaker. A lot of people love the vintage look, and we can imagine that these would be very popular if they went on sale.

Piano bookcase


Here's someone who's really committed to upcycling - they've hollowed out an entire piano and turned it into a lovely wooden bookcase.

There are many other examples to be found on the internet, but if you’re a musician, we’re guessing that you’d rather keep your instrument in good working order than convert it into a piece of decorative furniture. After all, we’re pretty sure that piano doesn’t sound as good since someone filled it with books!

If you’d like to house your pride and joy in a professional flight case, click here to request a quote from Dragon Cases.

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A closer look at our flight case materials

general flight case 2

Every so often, the Dragon Cases phone will light up and the person on the other end will ask for an aluminium flight case. We can cater to these requests, of course – the aluminium stucco finish is a particularly popular choice among DJs and turntablists – but it’s not necessarily the material we’d recommend.

Aluminium looks great at first, but it’s softer than a lot of people realise, which means that an aluminium flight case often ends up looking scratched and slightly battered. This isn’t a great look, and we’ve always thought that presentation is an extremely important factor!

So what are the alternatives? At least half of the flight cases we build here at Dragon are made using 7mm Astraboard, a lightweight polypropylene material that’s exceptionally durable (not to mention 40% lighter than 7mm-thick plywood). It’s available in four different colours, and it looks good for far longer than aluminium does.


Hexaboard is another material that we use. As a GRP-faced birch plywood, this is arguably the most hard-wearing option of all, and it’s still very cost-effective. Since Hexaboard is only available in black (people are often just as worried about the colour as they are about durability), we can also make cases by bonding plywood with a high-pressure laminate; still extremely robust, and with more colour options available, but considerably more expensive than Hexaboard.

So there’s a brief introduction to our various flight case materials. If you still want aluminium, then by all means go ahead, but bear in mind that it’s not your only option!

Various products from Dragon Cases

Flight cases may be our main export here at Dragon Cases, but we're by no means a one-trick pony. If you're wondering what else our guys can do, here's a sample...

  • Padded BagsNeed a lightweight (yet protective) means of carrying your equipment around? In that case, our protective bags are ideal for you. The bags are available with handles and/or shoulder straps,, and we offer a variety of padding and fastening options too.

  • Road Trunks: Our road trunks aren't entirely dissimilar to our flight cases; the only difference is the wheels! A set of castors will make heavy equipment much easier to move around, and so the trunks are a very popular option among customers with a lot of gear to lug.

  • Transit Cases: We make our lightweight transit cases out of high-density polyethylene for an extremely robust build. They can be used for all kinds of purposes, and as with all of our products, you can even have your logo printed onto the case!